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Class Descriptions

Below are descriptions of our current classes. See the Class Schedule Page for class days and times. Phoenix Dance Studio provides a wide variety of creative and challenging classes for ages 2 to 99 at levels from Beginner through Advanced.
Ages 2 to 5 Years

Combo 1, Combo 2 & Combo 3
Tiny Tot Acro & Tiny Tumblers
Preschool & Princess Ballet

Our Combo Classes are thoughtfully designed for dancers ages 2 - 5. These classes teach children the beginning fundamentals of tap, ballet, and tumbling.  Dancers will gain flexibility, basic technique, and self-confidence through repetitive motor skills, coordination, and rhythm practice.  Students will perform in Phoenix Dance Studio’s end-of-the-year recital performance! The goal during these Combo Classes is to introduce the basics of dance and movements to your child while promoting fun and interaction with others.  Combo classes range from 45-55 minutes.
Ages 2 to 18+ Years


Ballet is the foundation of dance. It teaches proper placement, alignment, balance technique, and control. All of these elements are extremely important in any form of dance. Students focus on improving strength, control, and body positioning in barre, and center work, as well as learning all of the vocabulary and terminology of Ballet.  PDS Ballet Program's goal is to provide clean technical ballet dancers, along with mastering Barre and center floor work, adagio studies, music, ballet history, vocabulary, and body conditioning. Beginner students, the emphasis is on the coordination of arms and head which begin to develop practical skills, muscular self-control, and basic coordination and expression.  More advanced ballet students will aim to develop strength and stability in the art of pirouettes, balance, control, extension, fluidity, and petite and grand allegro. The ongoing development of performance skills is stressed in all levels of ballet class.
Ages 6 to 18+


Jazz is a fast-paced form of dance that involves many of the same concepts as ballet. This form of dance includes a variety of different skills and other technical aspects and is paired with music that is popular and upbeat. Students focus on strength, technique, and terminology.  PDS Jazz Program will provide a strong understanding of body placement with an emphasis on the explanation of terminology, isolations, and center work with strengthening turns, jumps, flexibility, technical execution, and combinations
Ages 6 to 19+ Years

Lyrical / Contemporary

Contemporary and Lyrical is a style of expressive dance that combines modern dance, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. It connects the mind and body through fluid movements. PDS Lyrical/Contemporary Program will focus on strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, improving balance, proper placement, body alignment, and fluidity of movement  This class will let you express yourself through dance, and often times tell you the story of the music through choreography.  Students must also be enrolled in a ballet class.
Ages 3 to 19+

Acrobatic Dance - Acro

ACRO dance is not your typical gymnastics class. Our ACRO instructors will guide students towards increased flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration,  PDS ACRO Program, students will learn acrobatic movements at an appropriate level for their ability, which can then be incorporated into a dance routine.