Cory Hestand

My name is Corrina Hestand, but my favorite people know me as “Miss Cory”!

I was born here in Phoenix, AZ and began dancing at the age of 3. I have trained and competed in all styles of dance but have always had a huge love for hip hop. I began competing with a hip hop team at the age of 7 where we won Nationals every year. I became passionate about teaching and choreographing at a very young age and was choreographing for various dance groups while still in high school. As a junior, I joined a dance crew called DAINOW in Chandler, AZ that opened my eyes to a whole different part of the dance world!

Aside from dance, I also specialize in cheerleading. I started cheering in middle school and continued throughout high school. I voluntarily coached at Deer Valley Middle School while still in high school, and then became head coach once I graduated. DVMS has placed 1st-3rd at competition every year since. This year, I completed my 10th year at Deer Valley Middle where we won Championships this past May. I have been a guest choreographer for many high school cheer teams around the valley, as well as for Barry Goldwater High School’s dance department.

In 2015, I started teaching at Phoenix Gymnastics and Dance Academy where I taught several styles of dance and ages ranging from 3-18. Shortly after starting at PGA, I became Director of the Dance Department. Over the years, I was given the opportunity to build the program, create competitive teams, teach all ages/levels of dance, and direct many, many recitals!

My whole world has always revolved around dance. In 2021, I stepped down from directing to start a family and now have a beautiful 10-month-old girl! After some time away, I am so ecstatic to jump back into the dance world with PDS!

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