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  The Dance School Phoenix AZ Gets Moving With

Our dance school is known throughout the greater Phoenix area for our outstanding lessons as well as our award winning dance team. Whether you are looking for lessons for all levels or you want to audition for our team, our dance school has what you have been searching for!

Our affordable dance lessons are perfect for dance students of all ages, skill levels, and styles. We have classes ready for adults who are taking their first step onto the dance floor as well as children who are just beginning their lifelong love of dance. Our studio also has advanced courses for students looking to perfect their skills.

If you are looking for a specific style of dance, we have you covered. We offer everything from ballet to hip hop dance classes.

Have you been wanting to audition for a dance company that competes and wins?

We are the dance school Phoenix AZ knows has what it takes to win. Our company team helps dancers hone their skills while supporting each other along the way.

If you are ready to explore your passion for dance, get in touch with us today!

Audition for Our Dance Company

If you are looking for a dance company that will push you to win while supporting you as you grow your skills, then you’ve come to the right studio.

Our award winning team combines high standards with a supportive environment to keep you motivated to succeed.

We believe that everyone who joins our company can grow their skills while giving back to the community. We not only compete, but we have partnered with the Phoenix Children's Hospital to help children in need.

We are the dance school Phoenix AZ has been talking about. Get in touch with us today to find out about our auditions and get ready to perfect your dance!

From Ballet to Hip Hop Dance Classes

Today’s world is filled with a variety of dance styles that often blend together. Contemporary dance, ballet, and hip hop dance classes are just the start of what we have to offer.

Our dance students want to explore everything that dance has to offer. Our wide range of classes allows our students to express themselves through a variety of types of dance. This also gives us the opportunity to keep our students up-to-date with the latest trends in dance.

Contact us for more information about our current course offerings.

Affordable Dance Lessons for All Ages

Our dance studio provides affordable dance lessons for people of all ages, skill levels, and for a wide variety of dance styles.

Dance is one of the oldest forms of expression. We believe in sharing our passion for dance and helping as many people as we can explore their abilities as dancers.

No matter how much experience you have, you can unlock your potential and explore your passion for dance at our studio.

Reach out to us to learn more about our classes, dance coaching, and our rates.

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