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Phoenix Dance Studio Company Teams 

Phoenix Dance Studio Company teams, a collection of competitive dancers within the Phoenix area who present thought-provoking works revealing the redemptive message of love and grace. We offer our students an exceptional opportunity to showcase their talents and gain confidence and self-discipline by being part of a competitive dance company. Our PDS Company Teams consists of dancers with the unique skills required to perform at community events and various local competitions in the Phoenix metro area. Phoenix Dance Studio Company - instructors & coaches have received numerous diamond, platinum, overall, and studio awards for solid technique and unique choreography at regional and national events. 

Here are Phoenix Dance Studio. . . . . . . . . . . . . 


A supportive and positive environment combined with high standards and feedback sets a culture of learning that allows our dancers to develop and grow essential life skills like responsibility, teamwork, and respect. Our environment increases self-esteem and enables our students to move forward on their artistic journey.


We build skills, confidence, and character through training, performance, mentorship, and community involvement. The teachers and choreographers of the PDS Company are nationally recognized.



PDS Company has provided pre-professional training to students aged 4 through 18 in an environment designed to simulate the conditions and standards expected in professional dance careers.


PDS Programs, Wish, SWAT Team, Adaptive Dance, and Believe Project allows PDS to provide opportunities to all dancers who dream of being on a dance company team. All company dancers will also work and dedicate themselves to supporting PDS charity partner 1Wish and everything to support Phoenix Children's Hospital.

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